Enertech Services

Overview of Inspection Activities

Inspection services is a business that has come to stay as long as human exists on earth.  An inspection service is generally an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise of lifting equipment.

Providing lifting equipment inspection services will help our present and future clients in meeting all associated regulatory requirements, with independent inspection carried out in accordance with all applicable regulations, standards and engineering practices such as
Lifting Operation Lifting Equipment regulations (LOLER)
Qatar Petroleum Cooperate Lifting Regulation
Qatar Construction Specifications
British standards / American Standards specific to the type of lifting accessories & equipment.


The scope of inspection covers any Lifting Equipment , Accessories , Construction Equipments etc. The inspection refers to the activity of ensuring that an item meets the specified design & operating standards and is safe to operate or utilize for a specified period. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as measuring, testing, recording, checking, analyzing, loading and charting one or more characteristics of the equipment.

Industries Covered

Lifting operation is a common activity performed by all industries and it forms part of their day to day activity.

  • Civil and Building construction companies
  • Airport
  • Refinery
  • Oil producing companies and their contractors
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Maintenance and service stations
  • Agriculture and other related industries that possess lifting equipment