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Enertech Qatar - Impartiality Policy

Impartiality Policy

Enertech Qatar top management committed to ensure the impartiality of the personnel certification activity by complying with the following:

  • Enertech Qatar Certificates are only issued following a review by an independent authorised and competent member of the management team (who has not been involved in the examination) to ensure that no interest shall predominate.
  • Training obtained from Enertech Qatar shall never considered as an advantage for the certification scheme assessment process.
  • Enertech Qatar shall not offer (and has never offered) training related to personnel certification or any other form of consultancy to applicant, if in case the applicant completed any trainings with Enertech Qatar then instructor who conducted the training shall not be involved in the assessment process of the applicant.
  • Enertech Qatar does not own or have any interest (financial or otherwise) in any other company that offers personnel certification services.
  • Enertech Qatar does not have (and will not form) any relationships with companies who offer consultancy or training or other services that can be construed as having an impact on the certification services provided by Enertech Qatar. Any proposed relationship between Enertech Qatar and any other company will undergo a risk assessment by the Committee for Impartiality prior to that relationship being formalised. Any current relationships with companies, organisations and individuals will be risk assessed on a regular basis to ensure that the relationship does not impact upon the impartiality of the personnel certification process.
  • Individuals employed by or otherwise contracted to Enertech Qatar are required to document and record their current and past relationships with all companies. Any situation past or present which may present a potential conflict of interest is required by Enertech Qatar to be declared. Enertech Qatar will use the information to identify any threats to impartiality and will not use that individual in any capacity unless they can demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest.
  • Enertech Qatar will not allocate a member of staff or sub–contractor to a management system examination where any past relationship has existed. Exceptionally and at the discretion of the Certification Manager or Managing Director an individual or sub–contractor may be allocated to a personnel certification services where a past relationship has existed but there has been no relationship for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Enertech Qatar does not and will not offer any commission, to any individual or company in respect of referrals of Candidates.
  • Enertech Qatar will ensure that it is not linked or marketed in any way which links it with the activities of a training related to personnel certification and will take appropriate action should any such link be identified.
  • Examiners / Invigilator, Certification Manager and others involved in the certification process are not and will not be put under any pressure and will not be influenced in any way to come to a particular conclusion regarding the result of an examination.

All personnel involved in the personnel certification activities of Enertech Qatar shall comply with this policy.